Why Saffron is Most Expensive Spice in the world

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          Saffron is very expensive not just because of one factor there are several reason behind it. 

If you Don’t know about Saffron let me tell you about Saffron. In India people call Them Famously as Kesar.

In many bollywood films they have shown the importance of saffron. 

There are numerous species in the world which are more powerful & healthier than saffron. Like Pepper, Cinnamon, Turmeric, etc.

Then what make saffron most expensive species ?

Real 1 kg Saffron can cost approx. 5 Lakh INR.

Sounds OMG 😃

What is Saffron 

Saffron is red stigma of the crocus sativus flower.
Each flower have 3 stigmas & that is called Saffron(Kesar).
Real saffron is not easy to get but cultivating saffron is much more challenging for farmer.
Biggest challenge is to get perfect land.
You all must be confused why and what makes it so expensive?
  1. Labour work
  2. Space & Time
  3. Land Preparation
  4. Rarity

Labour Work

All this flower must be picked by hand. 

It needs precise and delicate handwork just to produce 1 kilo of saffron 40 hours of labour work.

Harvesting saffron is purely labour work not even a single machine is used to cultivate saffron. 

The stigma of this flower should be removed by hand and carefully tested to dry.

Once the crop starts flowering farmer need to work fast to pick up all in time. 

To maintain the high quality of flower this must be pick up first in the morning.

Space & Time

In 1 Acre of land, can produce only 1.8 kg of saffron.

By this number, we can imagine how much space it needs to grow a large amount of saffron.

Best planting season for saffron is from June to September and flowering start in October from the year it is planted.

Land Preparation

 Saffron grows well in acidic to neutral gravelly loamy and Sandy soils.

It requires well-drained soils and optimum soil ph for Saffron farming is ph 6 to 8.

Heavy clay soil must be avoided as this soil are not suitable.

Land should be weed-free and enrich with organic matter.

You must be surprised to know that in India Kashmir is the only place from where we can get the real saffron because of the soil of Kashmir suitable for saffron.

Land for saffron is gifted by God to Kashmir. 

Kashmiri soil is already prepared for Saffron so no need to work hard on the soil.


You need almost 1,70,000 flowers to produce 1 kilo of saffron.
Quality is king
when growing such a precise crop and the taste of the saffron depends on the rainfall, temperature, & the  soil.

Kashmir is famous for producing some of the highest quality of saffron in the world.

Iran Produce highest number of Saffron in the world.

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