Why February has 28 or 29 Days ?

why february has 28 days

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                                        From childhood until we grow up, we must have had a question at some time or another and that would be why there are 28 days in February and 29 days after every 4 years. Today you will get complete information about why only 28 days are in February and how it becomes 1 day every fourth year to 29 days.

First King Romulus

                    It was started by the first King of Rome, Romulus, that in order to keep the changing seasons, festivals, farming perfect and in a systematic way, he thought why not prepare a calendar with which all the things were kept in a systematic way. So he prepared a calendar of 10 months and with his mind he gave 30 days in a month and 31 days in a month, this calendar started from the month of March and the last month was December, remember that Romulus at that time in January And February was not even made.

                    Romulus created this calendar, it had 4 months of 31 days and 6 months of 30 days, saying that in total there were 304 days.

Martius – 31 Days
Aprilis – 30 Days
Maius – 31 Days
Iunius – 30 Days
Quintilis – 31 Days
Sextilis – 30 Days
September – 30 Days
October – 31 Days
November – 30 Days
December – 30 Days
Total – 304 Days 

                    Now you will think that where have you gone 61 days?

                    At that time, he did not deliberately count 61 days. Because in those 61 days the cold weather was so much, that people did not like to cultivate there. So they thought that when no one does work, there is no need to count.

Second King Numa Pompilius              

                    The 10-month calendar that Romulus had prepared. Now something went wrong in it. Just as the summer season would have come in the month of March and sometimes the rainy season would have come, so people thought that this 61 days which is being left should not be left out, it is also important to count it.

                    Therefore, the second king of Rome thought that the 61 days which are being left should also be counted. Numa has been a superstitious person since the beginning. According to his thinking, all the even number are equal i.e. 0, 2, 4 digit months, in whose last such numbers come, he considered them as unhappy. Therefore, he reduced the number of days for 30 months. Now what used to be a day of 304 days, now it has reduced to 298 days.

Numa add January & February 

                    Numa wanted to make this calendar according to the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar refers to the different phases of the moon. This phase takes 29.5 days to complete and Numa wanted to take 12 cycles. If 29.5 days is added after 12 months, then it would be 354 days but in 354 days, 4 was still coming in the last and 4 is an even number so they added 1 more day to their mind.

Martius – 31 Days
Aprilis – 29 Days
Maius – 31 Days
Iunius – 29 Days
Quintilis – 31 Days
Sextilis – 29 Days
September – 29 Days
October – 31 Days
November – 29 Days
December – 29 Days
January – 29 Days
February – 28 Days
Total – 355 Days 

                    Now the earlier calendar used to be 304 days. Now it had to be made 355 days, so 2 months were added to what was already 10 months. Out of which the first month became January and the second month became February. In January, he gave 29 days and in February on 28 days, still in February there was 8 in the last and 8 is also an even number. But this month was considered auspicious for all the spirits that were there at that time, so Numa allowed only 8 to stay in it. 

Next King Julius Caesar

                    Now, as the time ahead became the new King of Rome, Julius, he had spent more than half his life in Egypt. In those days a 365-day calendar used to run in Egypt. That is why Julius thought why not run a 365-day calendar in this country as well, so he gave the 10 days in the rest of the month and he took January and February ahead of his mind, hence February always have 28 days. Julius also changed the names of few months.

Why February have 29 Days ?

                    It is understood that there is 28 days, but how does it increase from 1 day to 29 days in every fourth year. Let me tell you that it takes 365 days and 6 hours for the Earth to revolve around the sun and it gets 6 hours to 3 years and in the fourth year it becomes 24 hours and 24 hours i.e. 1 day and this one The day becomes 29th in the fourth year, and add to it in February. And this year is also called Leap Year.

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