What to choose After 10th ?

What to choose After 10th ?

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                    My best wishes to all of you who have passed the 10th standard. At the time of this lockdown, the tension that was on our mind for the last few months has now gone away. 

              But now we will have another tension ahead of it, what to do after passing 10th ? Should we take Science ? Commerce or Arts? or you have to do anything else, so let me help you to make the right decision to choose your field.

There is no doubt that from the very beginning our society wants every child to become a doctor or engineer and that is why the same thing goes on in our mind since teenage.

If you are a student then you have to see your future as per your Interest & Desire. If you are a parent then you have to support your child in that Interest & Desire.

If someone’s mind is in business, he can never become a doctor or a good engineer, so let him go ahead according to his wish.

First of all you all have to remove this mentality from your mind at any cost, I will not take Arts.

Reality of our Mentality

   In most of the schools, we find that cut off to take admission in class 11 in science stream is higher than commerce and arts. Due to these numbers, students and parents consider science stream to be superior over commerce and arts. 

There are certain points in relation to the question- 

  • To satisfy ego.
  • Because relatives’s son/daughter have taken science.
  • To excel their career as doctor/engineer.
  • We are familiar to science subjects unlike arts and commerce where we face new subjects.
  • Peer and relatives pressure.

The bitter reality is that commerce and arts as difficult as science. So, never ever try to underestimate other streams.You should make a wise decision before choosing stream as your career will totally depend on it.

We all have set a chronology in our mind :

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

        The reality is that after taking Science many people are doing a sales job or delivery boy & the arts student becoming IAS officer. 

       So understand the fact that, Your Interest & Desire will decide what you have to do, not the hype of Science.

When to choose Science ?

If you have a interest in 

  • Medical, 
  • Engineering,
  • Merchant Navy, 
  • Computer Programming, 
  • Scientist, 
  • Aeronautics,
  • Ayurveda, 
  • Automobile, 
  • Agriculture, 
  • Teaching, etc. 

When to choose Commerce ?

If your interest in –

  • Chartered Accountant(CA),
  • Business, 
  • Leadership, 
  • Management, 
  • Marketing, 
  • Economist, 
  • Stock Marketing, 
  • Teaching, etc.

When to choose Arts ?

Are you planning to explore –

  • Designing,
  • Civil Services,
  • Indian Defence,
  • Photographer,
  • Digital Media,
  • Social Activist,
  • Professional Editor,
  • Teaching, etc.

List of All Streams can be unstoppable. But i think this much will be enough to make your decision. 

Don’t Just stuck in Science, Commerce & Arts. there are also more option available for you.


After 10th class, students can do polytechnic courses like Mechanical, Civil, Chemicals, Computer, Automobile. Polytechnic colleges offer diploma courses for a duration of 3 years, 2 years and also 1 year.

ITI (Industrial Training Institutes)

 After CBSE or any other Stare board after 10th class, students can do ITI courses for employment like Mechanical, electrician, electrical.


After 10th, students can do paramedic courses like DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), DOA(Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant). 

If still your are confuse then my dear brother/sister don’t hesitate to ask you doubt in the comment section.  

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