Top 10 New Year Resolutions to Follow in 2022

Top 10 New Year Resolutions to Follow in 2022 - MyTopTen

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In this new year everyone is gonna start to do something they wanted to do in the last year but couldn’t.  So at the start of this new year everyone is gonna think of some new year resolutions,so we have got you covered with some of the best new year resolutions which you can start your new year with.

1. Create Content rather than Consume

So after the pandemic situation in 2020 almost everyone has developed the habit of just consuming on the internet and you all took this habit of consuming with you in 2021 too. Consuming and learning on the internet is good but just consuming and not learning is not really good for you. So In this new year you should not just try to consume and learn but to create too.

Don’t just consume from the internet, try to create for the internet.

It is very easy to consume but it’s very difficult to create.

So Try to make it difficult to do the easy thing (Consuming)

And make it easier to do the difficult thing (Creating).

Then slowly-slowly make yourself creating more than you consume because,when you create more than you consume, you not only enjoy financial and material success along with good health, but you also find lasting happiness and fulfillment.

2. Wake up early in the Morning

  If you are a night owl then you should start sleeping early in the night and wake up early in the morning. Sleeping early and waking up early gives you a lot of day time. More time means you can consume more, learn more and create more. Your early morning hours tend to be the most productive time of the day because you get uninterrupted time by yourself. You can accomplish any task faster when you don’t face distractions. Waking up early gives you the leisure to plan your day ahead. Planning ahead eliminates the stress that comes with rushing through your day in a haze with a cluttered mind. Early risers tend to fall asleep faster. You don’t have to count sheep to sleep. When you wake up early, your body feels tired early, leading to a quality sleep as soon as you go to bed and early to rise.

3. Stop Saving Start Investing

All the month you work hard, earn and spend, then you save the leftovers from your hard earned money in a bank account. And then it stays in your bank account like forever and does just nothing. So in this new year Stop spending your money on stupid thing and start to invest your money in stock markets or in cryptocurrencies. Before investing anywhere, Do Your Own Research (DYOR). You might have heard in some advertisements that investing in the stock market or cryptocurrencies are subject to market risks or high market risks. Never invest in anything you don’t understand. So you better first understand what you’re dealing with then you make a move.

4. Become a Reader

Reading books is the best mind exercise you can do. If you want to gain more knowledge about anything books will provide you with the best. If you were never a reader then this is the best thing you can start this year. The more you read the more you learn. If you find some difficulties regarding reading then start making targets for the day like today I am gonna read 10 pages then next day 12 next day 15 next day 20 this. Make a target of reading a specific number of pages daily. Spend more time reading. Try Reading more books you don’t normally read. If you are going to start and looking for suggestion then I will suggest you can start with Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Atomic Habit by James Clear, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

5. Start Working Out

As said above, start sleeping early and wake up early. So after waking up earlier, what are you doing? If you don’t know the answer to this question yet then the best answer Is to start doing exercise. Make a workout routine, Morning workouts typically means you are less prone to distraction. An early morning workout could set the tone for a healthier day. Then after working out Eating the right meal is important. Post workout meals should include Protein, carbs, and fat. Protein helps repair and build muscles, Exercise triggers the breakdown of muscle protein. The rate at which this happens depends on the exercise and your level of training. Crabs help with recovery, Your body’s glycogen stores are used as fuel during exercise, and consuming carbs after your workout helps replenish them and fat might slow down the absorption of your post workout meal, it will not reduce its benefits.

6. Talk less, listen More

Have you ever noticed how much you speak and how much you listen in a whole day? If not then you should start doing that in this new year. And try to speak less and listen more. Because Good things happen and you learn and notice so much when you spend more time listening. Some major benefits of listening more and talking less is if you are having a conversation with someone the other person will enjoy speaking with you because we all love to talk and that person will open up more. And then the other person will be more open to your point of views when you do the speaking. And If you speak less and listen more you are definitely going to learn a lot of things. Benefits like this make developing good listening skills worthwhile.

7. Start a New Hobby

Do new stuff. Let yourself blossom in 2022. Develop some new skills. Know yourself, know your capabilities. Explore more about yourself. Develop a hobby like:

Cooking, try to learn new recipes everyday or every week.

Practice meditation, meditation helps the body and mind in so many ways, like managing your stress, increasing patience and tolerance, increasing imagination and creativity, reducing negative emotions, improving Focus and much more.

Do paintings, painting can develop creativity, painting can improve memory and concentration, spending more time painting relieves stress.

And there are many more hobbies you can find on the internet and have fun.

8. Kill Procrastination

 Laziness is a difficult run to get out of, there is no doubt about that. Sometimes you might imagine what consistent productivity looks like but your Netflix shows or movies pulls you right back into the same habit. The good news is, laziness is just a habit. And fortunately, by using some tips you can kill the laziness inside yourself as painlessly as possible. So the first thing you can do is remove distractions around yourself. Try to remove or reduce all the distracting things you can see around yourself. Then think positively, sometimes your mind can easily be filled with negative thoughts. Guilt and self-doubt tend to plague people who are lazy. So think in a positive way and remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Give yourself deadlines, like if you are making a goal of the day then you should also give yourself the deadline to complete that goal too. Use the 5 Seconds rule, the 5 Seconds rule requires you to make a decision in five seconds. The rule is easy: When an opportunity arises, don’t think about it just count 5-4-3-2-1 and decide or else the brain will kill the idea. And there are many more things to kill the laziness inside you, discover it yourself kill the laziness.

9. Build a Good Relationship

Try to make your relationships better. Improve relations with your friends,family and interact more with your loved ones. Build better communication skills. Better communication skills help you develop in both professional and personal life. Try to be kind to everyone. Listen to the person you are talking too, pay attention to the whole person you are talking too, be consistent.

10. Give Yourself a New Look

Give yourself a new look this year, because appearance matters everywhere. Start drinking more water, water is very good for your skin and try to drink a little warm water if you can. Keep well Hygiene, smell good, have a new and decent hair cut, make a skin care routine, and most importantly brighten your smile.


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