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As an app developer, you need unique icons that look good and are easy to distinguish from each other. While it’s possible to create your own icons, it’s time-consuming and can be difficult if you don’t have the right artistic skills. 

Luckily, there are plenty of websites on the Internet that provide free icons that are high quality and completely customizable, so you can get them to fit your style perfectly. Here are 10 of the best sites to download free icons from!

This search engine, which provides users with access to a huge collection of icons and templates, is incredibly easy to use. You can choose from among hundreds of free icons or you can purchase premium icon sets for as little as $4 apiece. You may also want to visit FlatIcon’s DeviantArt page for more options (both free and paid). On their website, you can view samples of available icons by color—perhaps not a bad way to find just what you’re looking for! If you are seeking an app icon, then it may be better to stick with one of the sites that focus on that particular niche.

A great place to find thousands of vector icons, including app icons. This site even has iOS and Android icons that you can use in your design work. It’s a bit like Dropbox, but for images—it’s a site that lets you search and download images with just one click. 

Freepik is a great option if you want something simple and fast. It also allows anyone to contribute content or submit requests for new icons, which helps create a large pool of quality content. You can browse by categories or simply search by keyword. Once you find an icon you like, it’s easy to select, save, and download it into your project.

When you need truly unique icons for a website or app, Iconmonstr is your best bet. It allows you to download icons from its database of more than 8 million available vector graphics—and there are plenty that aren’t offered elsewhere. (It also has great freebies if you don’t need anything customized.) 

To start downloading, simply search for what you want and click download. From there, upload your selection into Photoshop and see it immediately in a mockup of your site or app (it even offers an iOS mockup). You can then tweak it as needed with Iconmonstr’s built-in editing tools.

This website is probably the most unique of all icon websites. It features icons that have been converted into image files, which makes them perfect for working with themes like Flattr and other icon-based services. It’s easy to use and very responsive with a clean design. You can also search by category to find exactly what you need for your app or website. 

If you’re looking for something specific or custom, check out their premium service where they’ll help make it happen! This is one of our favorites because they do so much on one page without overloading it. If we ever run into a need for new app icons, we will definitely be visiting here first!

Streamline has been in the biz for a number of years. And their 3.0 release celebrates more than 30,000 unique icons. We’re not just talking some average-looking icons either. Most of the popular website-related products use Streamline as their go-to choice for providing icons to their clients. E.g. If you ever use the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you’ll generally be recommended to use the Streamline icon library.Exceptional icons with exceptional third-party additions to create an effortless workflow.

Fontello is a great place to find unique icons. From professionally designed icons, rendered using real-world hardware, to rough experimental sketches, you can find just about anything here. With thousands of choices available for download, there’s bound to be at least one perfect icon for whatever project you have in mind. If you’re looking for just one icon or would rather create your own from scratch with vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, try Fontello’s sister site Pictos instead.

IconArchive is a search engine specifically for icons. It’s packed with high-quality, royalty-free images—including plenty of apps and app icon sets—and made easy for designers and developers to find exactly what they need. IconArchive is free to use, even if you’re not an artist yourself. Also make sure you check out its sister site Icon Finder, which we have mentioned above. It does much of what Icon Archive does but focuses more on vector art than individual icons.

The site’s interface is very user-friendly, with many search options and filters to help you narrow down your choices. Additionally, many of their icons are available for free use with a Creative Commons license, so you can download, modify and even sell them if you’d like. 

Although there are no images for software applications or mobile apps, SoftIcons does have a variety of categories and sizes, making it easy to find exactly what you need. They also include high-resolution previews so that you can see just how good your icon looks in its new home before downloading it. You can even purchase quality icon packs on their site!

As one of the best icon collections around, MR.ICONS features a ton of carefully crafted icons you can use in all sorts of projects, whether personal or commercial. This is a huge set, with no less than 3,500 icons available in EPS and PNG format. Whether you’re looking for something very specific or just browsing for inspiration, there’s plenty here to get excited about. 

You can download everything in bulk—or simply find individual icons using built-in filters. There are also links provided if you’d like to purchase licenses and expanded sets as well as an FAQ if you need help figuring out how things work! Overall it’s a fantastic collection of creative assets that will save you tons of time.

It has a huge amount of icons separated by categories for a more comfortable search. The icons can be downloaded in various sizes and in png and svg format to preserve transparencies. You can change the color of the icons and it is drag and drop, that is, you can drag the icon to the editing software of your preference to edit it at once.

This software is constantly updated, checks changes daily and keeps you updated with the latest icons and designs.


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