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No matter what field you’re looking to get into, odds are there’s a website out there that can help you find your next job. With so many options available to you, though, it can be tough to determine which websites are the best ones to use when trying to find your dream career. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 websites for jobs. These resources will make it easier than ever before to narrow down your job search and get started on your way to your next great job!

If you’re looking to find a job, LinkedIn is certainly one of your best bets. The site allows you to showcase your experience and network with other professionals across a wide range of fields, making it easy to look for jobs in new industries or even consider entirely new careers. Of course, LinkedIn isn’t just limited to job postings – it can also be used as a tool to research companies and stay up-to-date on news in your industry. 

                         Plus, as more employers turn towards social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter when evaluating potential employees, keeping your profile updated on LinkedIn is vital if you want professional results. 

While traditional job searching typically involves spending hours upon hours pouring over outdated newspaper ads and praying to the job gods, online platforms make searching easier than ever before by presenting jobs that are currently available all in one place.

Upwork is a job marketplace that brings together businesses and freelancers. It acts as a job board where employers can post jobs and freelancers can apply for them. In addition to listing regular jobs, Upwork also features gigs which are more temporary in nature (1–6 months). There are almost 5 million registered users on Upwork from over 200 countries. The average income per user is $75,000/year. As of September 2017, there were over 3 million active jobs posted on Upwork and a total annual payment volume of $150 billion making it one of the world’s largest marketplaces online today. 

Although competition is fierce among freelancers, once you establish yourself as an expert worker with a portfolio of high-quality work you will find clients willing to pay top dollar for your services. 

Bidding has become easier thanks to detailed reviews and candidate profiles that include portfolios, samples of previous work and feedback scores. If your specialty is programming or design there’s good news: these types of skills receive thousands of searches each month on Upwork.

Here’s a great website where you can search by job title and see what kind of jobs are available in your area. If you’re just starting out on your job-finding journey, it makes sense to be very specific in your search terms so that you get as many results as possible. 

                       This site is very helpful if you want to keep track of what types of jobs are being posted near you—you can create a profile, save searches, and connect with recruiters. It can also send new jobs right to your inbox. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or an executive position, Indeed has more than 20 million jobs listed at any given time.

The job market might seem overly saturated, but there’s still plenty of opportunities out there—and Indeed helps match those opportunities with candidates (sometimes successfully). It even has filters for internship and part-time work. In addition to jobs located nearby, you can find jobs across North America or throughout the world. Remember: You’ll need an Indeed account in order to apply!

The largest jobs board in North America, CareerBuilder lets you search thousands of job openings across different industries and professions. Many positions are exclusive to CareerBuilder, but you can also find competitive salary offers and a handy resume builder tool. Browse by job title or industry and save your favorite searches so you’ll be notified when new opportunities come up. 

Not only is CareerBuilder a great resource for finding a position, it’s also an excellent starting point if you want to start your own business: check out its featured businesses section to see what some of today’s top employers are looking for in potential candidates. If you’re serious about securing employment, consider signing up for one of their free programs that gives job seekers access to customized tools and career advice.

Glassdoor is a unique jobs search engine that helps you find high-paying jobs. Because it’s tailored to employees, it makes sure to include job openings in high-paying industries and companies. But, what really sets Glassdoor apart from other job search engines is its Interviews section. 

                This subsection provides interview questions and salary information based on reviews written by past employees. It’s especially helpful if you’re looking to get hired in a specific industry or by a particular company. 


The site also contains an active community of users who will answer your questions about jobs and careers. If you need help finding employment in today’s competitive job market, Glassdoor is a great place to start your job search.

It makes sense that Snagajob is one of most popular online job search engines; it’s specifically designed to help people find part-time, hourly work. That makes it a fantastic tool for students, retirees and anyone else who is looking to make some money on a flexible schedule. 

You can search for jobs by company, city or category as well as filter your results by keyword and proximity. Snagajob also offers some neat features like an application tracker (so you know exactly what stage your application is in), SMS alerts when new jobs are posted that match your criteria and even voicemail support so you can communicate with employers while on-the-go. Despite its name, there are more than just part-time jobs listed here! There’s everything from virtual jobs for stay-at-home moms to full-time jobs in sales and marketing positions. 

This site also boasts listings from major retailers including Lowe’s, PetSmart and Walmart—as well as big brands like Starbucks. If you enjoy using social media, check out Snagajob’s Facebook app , which keeps you up to date on job openings near where you live—and lets you share job openings with your friends!

A professional network with an expansive database of more than 5 million job listings and salaries, SimplyHired is a great place to look for job openings. The site is particularly useful because it allows you to sort results by category, such as full-time or part-time work, so you can find what fits best. 

The company also has a mobile app, which is helpful when you’re on the go and want to access new opportunities quickly. Those who have accounts can receive alerts from employers who are looking to hire immediately; other users can view those alerts once they’ve been posted. 

You might be surprised at how many opportunities are available! For example, imagine if your dream job was only two miles away but you didn’t know about it until after someone else had already taken it—it happens all too often.

If you’re serious about finding a new job, Monster is one of your best bets. You can post your resume and sign up to receive email alerts with relevant job openings. They even offer career advice. 

The site contains tips on how to find jobs fast and keep them from slipping away; it also teaches you how to write resumes that get noticed. In short, Monster might help ensure that when a recruiter looks at your profile, they will come back for more—and more often than not, we all know what that means: better job opportunities down the road. To top it off, they even have job fairs throughout major U.S cities where employers (from Walmart and Starbucks) show off their available positions in-person—for free!

The Muse is a free job-finding platform that was created with one goal in mind: to connect talented job seekers and smart companies. Talent is everywhere and The Muse helps find it. 

At The Muse, they know that connecting great people with great jobs means more than just posting jobs and letting people apply. They want to get to know you, what makes you tick, your career goals and how their company might be able to help you reach them—and have fun doing it! Whether you’re a recent grad or an experienced professional, 

The Muse can help match you with employers looking for your skillset across various industries. Have a look at some of their openings to see if anything interests you! Also, don’t forget to check out The Muse’s Career Guide.

Craigslist is a great resource to find jobs. It’s completely free, and you can search by category, area or keyword. You can also set up email alerts that notify you of new job postings in your area of interest. 

While Craigslist isn’t as effective at tracking high-paying jobs as other websites like Monster and Indeed, it’s still a very popular place to search. Use it early and often! As an aside, one might think Craiglist would be difficult to navigate given how unfiltered its content is. 

In reality, however, it’s rather simple—and there are quite a few tools available to make life easier if you’re using Craigslist regularly. Craigslist is a great resource to find jobs. It’s completely free, and you can search by category, area or keyword. You can also set up email alerts that notify you of new job postings in your area of interest.


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