Top 10 Things to Learn from YouTube

Top 10 thing learn from youtube

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You might think that Youtube is just a place to find funny cat videos, but there’s so much more to it than that! Millions of people turn to Youtube every day to learn new skills, or pick up tips they never knew they needed. From cooking recipes to hair and beauty tutorials, from how-to videos on life hacks to music instrument lessons, you can learn almost anything from the comfort of your own home with some of the best content creators in the business. 

This list will give you 10 great suggestions on some things you should check out on Youtube if you want to learn something new today!


1. Learn to Cook like a Pro

Cooking has long been one of those things people say they wish they could do, but never take action. Learning how to cook takes time and a lot of practice, but it’s worth it. Save money on eating out, learn new skills, enjoy better health—the list goes on. I promise if you spend at least an hour learning from YouTube your life will improve! There are thousands more where these came from too.

2. Learn any Computer Language

One of the easiest things to learn from youtube is a new programming language. Watch a tutorial or two, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up some pretty cool skills. Don’t like learning by yourself? No problem. There are plenty of great channels for free courses on every imaginable programming language out there, including HTML5, Ruby, Python and C++ among others. And if you don’t like coding as much as creating projects with code then there are tons of tutorials out there on Javascript frameworks (like jQuery) that will make your life easier even if you’re not a programmer. Whatever your preference or skill level is, it’s clear why we’ve dubbed youtube education–and it’s at your fingertips!

3. Learn to Defend

The fact is, you’re not going to get very far in life if you’re a doormat. There are always going to be people looking to take advantage of your lack of assertiveness, and there will be times when it’s necessary for you to take a stand for yourself. Learning how defend yourself with both your voice and your body can help reduce or prevent violence before it happens. YouTube is home to many martial arts channels that offer tips on self-defense—all you have to do is search. It might feel strange watching self-defense videos online, but they could save your life one day!

4. Learn about Investing

The most valuable skill I learned on YouTube was learning about stocks. I figured out a few basics (like how they’re measured by price per share and not price per dollar) and did some pretty heavy research into Warren Buffett. That led me to learn more about investing in general, and once you learn about value investing, there are lots of other benefits that come with it: understanding compound interest, learning about asset allocation, building your net worth…the list goes on. Once you start seeing success in one part of your finances, it tends to have a very positive snowball effect throughout all areas of your life.

5. Learn to Speak any Foreign Language

If you want to learn a foreign language, YouTube is a great place to start. In fact, there are plenty of channels that specialize in teaching you how. Learn Spanish, Italian or French with ease by watching some videos and practicing on your own. Pick up some new words here and there when you’re watching your favorite vloggers’ videos or learning about something new and interesting that peaks your interest. Use online resources like Google Translate if it seems like things are getting too complicated or if you’re having trouble memorizing all of those words—remember, practice makes perfect! 

No matter what language you decide to learn, have fun with it! Learning is a lifelong process—there will always be something new for you to learn!

6. Learn Communication Skills

Like every other area of knowledge and study, communication skills can be learned. One of the best ways to become more effective in your communication skills is by learning how to communicate more effectively on YouTube. 

Since learning how to communicate well doesn’t involve reading a textbook or taking a course (though it may help), you don’t need to wait for a class you want or any scheduled time frame. Learning how to communicate effectively on YouTube simply requires that you access, use and learn from YouTube videos. 

Each video is an opportunity for you grow as an individual and help others do so as well, which is why it’s important that every video should begin with an explanation of what you’re about to teach. As Dr Roy Hessels says: Teaching without realizing it, everyone learns.

7. Learn about Passive Income

Learning about passive income is a good way to learn from youtube videos. By learning about how different entrepreneurs have created successful income streams without spending a lot of time creating their products, you can apply their strategies for yourself. With a few hours of research and thought, you might discover some ways that people are earning money on a regular basis without doing much work at all. 

Think about it: If someone can figure out how to generate income passively, why not tap into that? The only difference between them and you is that they learned from youtube videos how to do it. Once you learn those skills too, then they will no longer be unique—but they’ll still get results!

8. Learn to Stay Motivated

One of Youtube’s most popular channels, TEDTalksEd, has more than 27 million views. The goal of the channel is to help students (and anyone) learn new skills and stay motivated by watching TED talks about topics ranging from body language to urban planning. What better way to kick off your day? With a quick dose of motivation and inspiration. 

Just be sure not to spend too much time in front of your computer—there are plenty of other things you could be doing with your time! When it comes down to it, you don’t have an excuse not know what you need or want to learn these days; YouTube provides easy access…to virtually everything, so take advantage of it.

9. Learn to Play any Instrument

Playing an instrument like any other skill, can help expand your abilities. With YouTube videos, you can easily learn any number of instruments, such as guitar, piano, and drums. In fact, many musicians offer free or highly affordable lessons in their area of expertise. 

If playing an instrument is something you’ve always wanted to try, or if you just want a new skill in your repertoire, check out YouTube and start learning today! You’ll find tons of channels with instruction on everything from rock band instruments (you won’t even need anyone else for accompaniment!) through basic musical notation—or anything in between. Before long, you could be well on your way toward a whole new set of skills!

10. Learn to Give Interviews

Speaking in front of a camera can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any experience. Luckily, there are countless YouTube channels that teach people how to give interviews. You can learn what questions interviewers tend to ask and see how others respond. 

You can also practice your delivery and get tips on how to best deliver answers in a concise manner that gets your point across without rambling. Most importantly, you can learn how to stay relaxed and confident during an interview so you look like an expert. All it takes is some practice, but with YouTube videos guiding you along every step of the way, it’s much easier than you might think!


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