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Do you find the thought of being trapped in a small area unsettling? How would you feel if you were stranded in the middle of the ocean or in total darkness? You might have a phobia if you occasionally experience illogical worry or panic due to something specific.

Fears are serious issues. At least 25% of adults are thought to experience one or more phobias. The majority of phobias are brought on by some kind of early-life trauma or simply by a single incident that leaves a psychological scar.

You’ve probably heard of some of the most prevalent phobias: The fear of enclosed places, or claustrophobia, is among the most prevalent and well-known. The same is true for acrophobia (fear of heights) and trypanophobia (fear of needles).

Some phobias, though, are a little harder to comprehend. Although they are genuine for the person who is suffering, an outsider might not understand. Here are 10 unusual phobias you might have in light of that.

10) Arachibutyrophobia - The Fear of Peanut Butter (Sticking to the Roof of Your Mouth)

The dread of eating peanut butter or having it stick to your mouth’s roof is known as arachibutyrophobia. It is thought to be among the “basic” phobias.

Consider a time when you witnessed a person with a peanut allergy react after unintentionally ingesting something that contained peanut butter. When they start to choke, they risk dying if no one intervenes right away. You can still be affected by this recollection and develop the phobia.

A general phobia of choking could be another contributing factor. Choking anxiety is a typical one. It is important to take this seriously because of arachibutyrophobia.

A phobic individual may occasionally manifest bodily symptoms of their worries. It truly gets challenging to swallow for someone who fears choking. In essence, the symptoms exacerbate the phobia, which then fuels the symptoms’ worsening.

The panic and dread are a never-ending cycle that people are forced to live in. by way of peanut butter.

9) Fictofabriphobia

Fictofabriphobia typically develops in childhood as a result of reading bedtime stories to kids. After hearing the narrative, the child nods off, letting the people and settings they just heard about come to life in their dreams.

Fear of fictional people is referred to as fictofabriphobia. The name is derived from the Greek words “Ficto,” “Fabri,” and “Phobia,” which all indicate “fear of,” respectively.

The rate of knowledge absorption in a child’s mind is astonishing. They are drawn to imaginary characters like Mickey Mouse because, in some respects, they regard them as real people. This seems sense given that parents, who are a child’s most reliable source, tell them they are.

They inform them that Santa Claus will visit them or that they will see Mickey Mouse. That information stays in a child’s memory.

For those who are unfortunate, a portion of this notion persists as they mature and causes them to experience great anxiety and panic at even the sight of a mascot.

8) Plutophobia - The Fear of Money

No, plutophobia is not an unreasonable dread of Mickey Mouse’s dog. However, given that Disney is one of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations, you might not want to go there to meet Pluto.

Plutophobia is the dread of money, wealth, or wealthy people. “Why would somebody be afraid of having a lot of money?” you may ask. It’s not so much the money as it is everything that comes with it.

Those who suffer from plutophobia are more afraid of the obligations that come with money, as well as the headaches that come with it. They deal with the stress that comes with having to manage and be accountable for a huge sum of money.

When you think about it, it’s reasonable that people would deal with these emotions. When you consider all of the lottery winners who have had their lives devastated as a result of their “luck,” you can begin to understand where these thoughts originate from.

7) Ablutophobia The Fear of Bathing

A good soothing bath or a lengthy hot shower are something that most people look forward to. After a hard day, a bubble bath is like magic. These objects can be terrifying to persons who suffer from ablutophobia.

Ablutophobia is a strong aversion to bathing, showering, or washing. What could cause someone to have this fear? It is frequently the result of a terrible experience as a youngster, such as nearly drowning in a bathtub or being in an abusive scenario.

While these factors can contribute to ablutophobia, it is most common in toddlers and young children. Baths are foreign and unfamiliar to them. It’s also acceptable if the parent bathing them is all business and never makes it an enjoyable experience.

Fortunately, most people grow out of ablutophobia as they get older. For others, though, this fear can be crippling and cause serious problems for the sufferer.

6) Geliophobia - The Fear of Laughter

The dread of laughing is known as geliophobia. It is similar in nature but not the same as geliophobia, or the dread of being laughed at. Geliophobic people experience great anxiety at the sound of laughter and will avoid any circumstance where laughter is possible.

Doctors believe that geliophobia is more likely to occur in those who have lived with someone who has the disease or with someone who has a very comparable geliophobia.

5) Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Fear of Long Words

We’re just going to name this one “HP” because it has too many letters. Some people regard HP as a joke or a made-up phobia, and the American Psychological Association does not accept it as a real phobia. But it is true.

HP is assumed to be the result of one of the social phobias. A person with HP is likely to have had a school experience where they were reading aloud or speaking in front of a group of people and were laughed at for a mispronunciation of some other long word.

Planting the seeds of HP early in life may be fairly stressful for any young individual. If you have this fear, you will avoid any circumstance that could be enjoyable or happy.

4) Heliophobia - The Fear of Sunlight

Vampires are almost certainly victims of heliophobia. Heliophobia, as the name implies, is a fear of sunlight. And, yes, I am aware that vampires do not exist. Probably.

The fear of sunshine is not the same as photosensitivity, which is an allergy to UV rays. Heliophobics cannot bear the thought of walking outside in the daytime. Obviously, those who suffer from this phobia may never be able to live a regular life.

Heliophobia is supposed to be caused by the effects of the sun rather than by sunlight itself. Perhaps the heliophobic had a particularly bad sunburn or was afraid about acquiring skin cancer.

It may appear to be a foolish thing to be afraid of, yet heliophobia is a serious disorder.

3) Eisoptrophobia - The Fear of Mirrors

Keeping with the vampire theme, we’ll now look at mirrors. Vampires aren’t the only creatures who dislike mirrors. People suffering from eisoptrophobia are also terrified of them.

People with eisoptrophobia will avoid or dread mirrors because they feel repulsed by what they see reflected back to them, which can be caused by body dysmorphia concerns. Others, however, had a quite different experience.

Many people who suffer from eisoptrophobia have an unreasonable fear of mirrors that stems from superstitions or urban legends. They may be terrified of mirrors because breaking one will bring them seven years of bad luck.

Others have heard legends like “Bloody Mary,” in which the spirit appears and kills you if you mention her name three times in a mirror while standing in a darkened room. At least, according to one version of the mythology.

And some folks have undoubtedly seen far too many horror films and had far too many jump scares for their own good.

2) Panophobia - The Fear of Everything

While no longer a recognised condition, panophobia is a widespread fear of everything. Today, it is more accurately referred to as “generalised anxiety disorder” or “panic disorder.”

Whereas doctors used to dismiss these disorders as people being “frightened of their own shadow,” panophobia has evolved into a catch-all term for any disorder that is now better understood.

But there are certain folks who are constantly terrified of everything. They are unable to live or function because they are certain that something horrible will happen to them. It’s only a question of time.

1) Phobophobia - The Fear of Phobias or Fear

You’d be correct if you assume you know what this fear is only by its name. Phobophobia is a strong dread of being terrified and of having a phobia.

Phobophobia can develop if you have previously had a scare that caused you to shake excessively, as well as chest pains or vomiting. You then acquire a dread of how you feel when you are afraid.

You may also have one or more of the hundreds of other phobias and develop a dread of them.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” Roosevelt reportedly stated. In the instance of Phobophobics, he was dead on.


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