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The way you work will change quite a bit in the next 10 years. The skills you need to succeed in 2022 will be vastly different from the ones that got you where you are today, and many of the skills we take for granted today won’t be relevant in the future. 

If you want to continue moving forward with your career, it’s important to develop these skills as soon as possible so you can reap their benefits when they’re most useful and valuable to you.

1. Blockchain Development

Blockchain development is one of top skills to have in 2022. Top companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet are investing millions of dollars in research on how blockchain technology can be used for new types of decentralized record keeping. Large enterprises like these are also actively recruiting developers to help them with their blockchain initiatives. 

Blockchain development experience might not be a requirement right now, but it certainly could be in just a few years time if demand for blockchain solutions grows as rapidly as many predict it will. An individual or startup that comes up with a hit DApp (decentralized application) using blockchain technology has an opportunity to become quite wealthy fairly quickly since many cryptocurrency investors will jump at any chance to buy into these type of solutions before they take off big time.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, with companies like Google and Amazon leading in its development. Cloud computing simply means that programs and documents are stored on a remote server instead of an individual machine or hard drive. By 2022, one can expect to see an increase in cloud computing technology and integration into everything from corporate networks to personal computers. This has a number of benefits including greater flexibility, faster retrieval of information, and more convenient access by employees.

3. Data Analyst

If you’re planning on going into business for yourself, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of data analysis and statistics. Being able to separate meaningful information from noise will save you time, money, and energy; it will also allow you to make quicker, more effective decisions. 

By 2022, digital analytics will be essential for analyzing customer trends and buying habits in an ever-increasingly connected economy. If you want your small business or startup to survive or succeed in an increasingly complex digital world, becoming familiar with data analytics is an absolute must.

4. Content Marketing

One of top skills to develop in 2022 will be content marketing. As we progress into an era where companies are actively trying to promote their brands and deliver relevant, shareable content in order to reach new customers on social media platforms, it will become increasingly important for businesses to make sure they have a consistent social presence with interesting and unique content that engages users. 

The creation of effective advertising campaigns that incorporate clever images, catchy copy and compelling statistics will only continue to improve as consumers look for ways to receive information that’s both simple and easily digestible. So whether you’re a brand looking for more exposure or an aspiring graphic designer looking for a career move—content marketing is one skill worth adding to your portfolio.

5. UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design involves developing interfaces that are easy to use. Because UI and UX design skills are used so broadly across many industries, including healthcare, education, technology, and marketing, knowledge of these skills can be a competitive advantage for those seeking employment in many fields. 

If you’re looking to build a career that incorporates visual communications, we recommend learning how to develop digital products from beginning to end. If you want your work to be accessible by more than just an English-speaking audience, becoming fluent in a second language is also important for designers who work with clients around the world.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are often lumped together, but they’re not quite identical. AI is designed to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns in data or taking actions based on programmed logic. Machine learning is simply about getting computers to act based on information available from past experiences—allowing them to refine their logic as time goes on. 

These skills are incredibly useful for a variety of positions, including marketing, HR and sales roles; just think about how much more efficient you could be if your computer knew what job candidates should look like before you even interviewed them. That’s AI at work!

7. Content Creation

A digital marketing agency is a business that creates content for clients’ websites. Clients hire digital marketing agencies to help them grow their businesses via SEO, PPC and other Internet marketing techniques. Businesses typically don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive agencies, so it’s important to set realistic expectations with your clients from the beginning and develop strong relationships with them. 

Take time to understand your client’s goals, needs and wants before you begin creating content for them. By taking a little extra time upfront to do your research, you can improve both your client satisfaction levels and ultimately grow your business faster by avoiding miscommunications or mistakes in implementation.

8. Software and Applications Developers

Software is dominating every industry, and developers will remain one of the most important professions in 2022. But, don’t expect to get a job right out of college—you’ll likely need at least a couple years of experience before you get your first software developer gig. As you gain experience (and perhaps start a side business), consider adding new languages to your skill set. 

There are currently more than 30 programming languages, so employers are looking for candidates who have an understanding of many different platforms and methods. Keeping up with new technology trends isn’t easy; as such, it’s vital that developers stay abreast of emerging programming languages and tools.

9. Corporate Financial Literacy

Corporate finance literacy has been linked to company financial performance. The reason is obvious. The more informed employees are, the better they’ll be able to make decisions that positively impact their organizations and its bottom line. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and in our increasingly digital economy it’s time we took steps to ensure these skills are available to anyone who needs them, wherever they may be.

10. Social Media Marketing and Management

As we all know, social media marketing is a game-changer. So if you don’t have some level of social media marketing expertise on your team, it’s time to learn how to do it yourself or hire someone who can. And while social media might be relatively easy to get started with, mastering it takes more than posting clever sayings and pretty pictures—it takes skill. 

If your job responsibilities include managing any form of social media presence for your organization, it’s time to step up your game by keeping current on industry trends and best practices. Sure, there are a ton of free resources out there for beginners who are just getting started with their digital marketing strategy—but not everyone has access to those tools or knows where to look for them.


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