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For those of you who are looking to start your own business but aren’t sure what type of business you should start, I’ve put together this list of 10 profitable business ideas you can start today. 

These businesses will help you get off the ground quickly and easily—and they’ll give you an idea of which types of businesses you may want to explore further down the road. Let’s jump right in!

1. Freelance Content Writer

Freelance writing is a great opportunity to earn money on your own schedule. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer are designed to help you find clients who will pay for well-written content. Whether you’re in need of extra cash or are looking to make a career out of freelance writing, these sites have plenty of opportunities available. For example, through Upwork you can find freelance writing jobs that pay up to $300 per project. 

Similarly, copywriting tasks at Fiverr typically range from $5-$50 for 500 words, depending on complexity and subject matter. And at Freelancer, clients often hire people with skills in various industries like web development or sales copywriting.

2. Tutor

Tutoring is one of those short business ideas that, when done right, can be incredibly profitable. It’s also one of those short business ideas you can start with almost no startup money at all. Tutoring isn’t just for math tutors and English professors—it can be used to teach pretty much any subject area or skill set. 

There are several options available to get started: 1) Find a local middle school or high school that has an in-house tutoring program and offer your services as a tutor. (Bonus tip: If you live in a decent-sized city, these types of programs usually run year-round.) 2) Contact local colleges/universities and ask if they have any part-time teaching positions available.

3. Creating Online Courses

Skillshare, a startup that allows users to create and share video tutorials about any skill or topic for free, has already been profitable since early 2014. It’s grown by offering courses with a focus on learning and creative expression (rather than teaching how to become a better salesperson) while also providing ongoing support to its community of creators. 

People who upload course videos are eligible for grants as well as Skillshare’s partners; people who enroll in them are only charged if they choose to leave feedback at the end of a course — an incentive that encourages more honest reviews. Unlike Udemy, another online course site where anyone can teach or take classes, Skillshare doesn’t charge instructors anything to host their own classes — it makes money from sponsored posts from companies like Google Hangouts.

4. eBay Reseller

While there are loads of business ideas to choose from, some of these require serious startup costs or know-how—not to mention years of blood, sweat and tears. Luckily, that’s not a concern with eBay reselling. All you need is an internet connection and a desire to earn money selling goods on eBay! The best part? Most sellers don’t have a large inventory; instead, they buy small quantities of lots of different products at low prices and then list them for sale for a profit. This way, you can fill your home with inventory without needing to purchase new items every week—which makes it easier than ever before to make money from home as an eBay reseller.

5. Special Occasion Photographer

If you’re good with a camera and have decent editing skills, consider doing your own special occasion photography. Wedding, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs —you name it, someone out there is looking for a photographer. Check out Wholesale Photography if you want to get really specific about your target audience. For example, photographers who serve families or children are great at getting candid shots—the kind that perfectly capture candids of kids running around or tearing up in sheer glee—without disrupting what’s going on around them. It’s not easy to earn money as a child photographer—but if you keep prices reasonable and build up enough of a customer base you can make it work.

6. Uber driver

Uber has turned driving for people into a profitable side business. If you live in a metropolitan area and own a car, why not consider working for Uber? While there’s a substantial startup cost (to lease or buy your car, to sign up on Uber, etc.), you can drive when it’s convenient for you. Do what you love while making extra cash—that is money in your pocket!

7. Rent your Car

With companies like Getaround and RelayRides, you can rent out your car when you’re not using it. They’ll even wash it for you! There are a lot of people looking to cut down on driving expenses or have a bit more freedom in where they go, so if you live in an area with a busy airport, for example, see if there are business opportunities at drop-off points.

8. Graphic Designer

An oldie but a goodie, graphic designers are always in demand and should you have an eye for design, it’s a pretty easy career to break into. Sure, there’s lots of competition out there (I mean, do a quick search for graphic designer on LinkedIn and you’ll get about half a million results), but if you’re really passionate about design and know how to use industry-standard programs like Photoshop (or even better, Illustrator or InDesign) then it might be just what you need to make money while doing something fun. Plus: graphic design is so varied that no matter your strengths or interests—from video games to architecture—there are creative opportunities everywhere.

9. Resume Writer

If you’re a writer or an experienced professional, you can make extra money writing resumes for job seekers. Resumes are a valuable commodity and many people are willing to pay good money for them. Don’t have experience? There are plenty of resume writing services available that will walk you through everything from formatting to content creation, and even help with interview preparation. 

While it won’t bring in thousands of dollars a month, it can still be worth your time if you can produce high-quality writing on a consistent basis. And, there are always resume trends–like skills-based resumes–that might increase your income potential as well.

10. Franchise

This is something I would love to do in the future, Franchising is finding a physical business you like and starting your own one. For example, if you like McDonalds, you can choose to franchise your own McDonalds. Although startup costs are high, it can be a great business model to look into.


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