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             In today’s time, there is hardly anyone in this world who does not know about coronavirus, with the help of internet and YouTube, even a common man has probably learned more about coronavirus than a doctor, but with this Do not know that many such misconceptions have brought coronavirus in the minds of people, so today we will know the truth.

Covid-19 Virus not dangerous for youth

                  Many people think that coronavirus is harmful only to the elderly and young children whereas the truth is that coronaviruses are dangerous for all of us whether we are children, young or elderly.

                     Yes, it is a fact that it is harmful for children and elderly people more than young people, because the immune system inside them is weak, but this does not mean that the young people will not have this virus but it will not have as much effect on the young ones. And will be on the elderly.

Covid-19 only enter from Nose & Mouth

                     Many people think that coronavirus can only enter our mouth and nose, but coronavirus can enter our body through the path of our eyes, so it is important that you use a glass along with a mask.

Drinking Alcohol will kill Coronavirus

                     Many people think that coronaviruses die due to 60 to 90% alcohol inside the hand sanitizer, so if you consume good alcohol, then all the viruses will die. This would be the biggest idiot because consuming alcohol will weaken the immune system inside your body and if the immune system is weak then the risk of virus will increase on you, so do not consume alcohol.

4. Isarel developed Vaccine for Covid-19 Disease

                     photo went viral on the internet, stating that Israel had made a vaccine for coronavirus, whereas it was a rumor that it takes at least 3 to 4 years to make any vaccine. Yes, coronavirus case It will not take long for the coronavirus vaccine to be made in the next few months.

Coronavirus will die from Heat – “Donald Trump”

                     US President Donald Trump once said that coronavirus dies from heat, so many people started walking outside in the sun, while according to WHO no such scientific proof has yet come into their hands. Know that coronavirus dies of heat.

Thermal Scanner can identifies Coronavirus

                     Many people had a misconception that with a thermal scanner, they can tell whether you have a coronavirus or not, while the truth is that a thermal scanner shows body temperature. But there are many private labs who say that we test your coronavirus, while in return they only check with a thermal scanner, do not get into any such traps.

Coronavirus created by Chinese Scientist 

                           Many people believe that this virus has been spread by a scientist from China, while she is wrong, Dr. Fauci, has said that this virus may have come from a species of bats.

Cow Urine cure for Covid-19 Disease

                     Many people believe that drinking cow urine will kill the coronavirus completely from our body, but it is completely wrong. WHO is older than us. They have said that it can be killed only by vaccine. There is no other treatment or home remedies.

Tablet for Coronavirus

                A photo went viral on the internet in which it was said that this drug is for coronavirus but you people should understand that coronavirus is a virus disease and it cannot be cured by a tablet.

Sound Vibration would kill Coronavirus

                    The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi had said that all of us clap at 5:00 pm A lot of people understood that clapping would cause coronavirus to die from the vibrations caused by its sound, but this is completely untrue. The truth is that It was a thankfulness from our side, for all those doctors, police and nurses who are engaged in this work, there was a compassion towards them for our service.

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