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Today’s students are constantly on the go, juggling class and homework with extracurricular activities and jobs. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful apps that make it easier to manage your time and stay organized throughout it all. Here are ten of our favorites!

10. Memrise

Memrise is one of the best apps for students. It is essentially a language-learning app that offers games and native speaker videos. It features memes and gamification to keep you entertained while making sure you remember every word. Using this student app, Ed Cooke and Greg Detre help students remember vocabulary with memes.

9. Libby

With the Libby app, you can download library ebooks, audiobooks, and any other e-book as you like and access them offline. If you need to read while waiting in line, on public transport, or anywhere else, Libby is the perfect app for you. With the Libby application, you can search for your local library, sample, borrow, and enjoy thousands of books and audiobooks. To get started, open the app, locate your local library, and use your library card to borrow books. Make your life simpler by using this useful app.

8. Forest

You are a master procrastinator, but with this app, you will stay on task. As soon as you open Forest, you’ll be faced with a mini seedling with a countdown timer you can set to your desired duration. If you finish your timer session and forget to turn it back on, the app warns you that if you don’t go back in and complete your planned tasks that you’ll kill your tree and so it motivates you to return to the app and make the necessary edits.

7. Planner Pro

A study routine requires planning. Try Planner Pro if you are not someone who uses a printed planner or notebook. The app helps you plan, create tasks, and set reminders, which is great for students’ lives. The app is compatible with all devices and is also available on Google Play Store.

6. Power Thesaurus

It is also helpful to use Power Thesaurus to avoid redundant adjectives in other parts of speech. In your essay, you should use synonyms to replace common or repetitive words. However, if you use too many fancy synonyms, your essay will be difficult to follow. On Eduzaurus, you can always find the best writers for your project.

5. Audionote Lite

In Audionote Lite you will find the functionality of both a notepad and a voice recorder combining into one tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. I highly recommend this app if you want to plan and take notes.

4. Margin Note

It can be exhausting to read several chapters. To retain what you’ve read, try Margin Note. Margin Note is a PDF and EPUB learning app for students that allows them to create outline or mind maps of lessons. Besides being the best option for students, the app is also useful for teachers, researchers, and anyone who wants to study, organize, and supervise large volumes of PDFs. PDFs and EPUBs can also be highlighted with the desired color combinations.

3. Goodreads

If your professor asks you to summarize or provide an overview of a book, and if you are feeling uninspired, try Goodreads instead. With the variance of reviews, no one has the same summary as anyone else, which your professor will appreciate. This is one of the most effective online educational resources for learners that allow people to search its databases of literature and reviews freely. Users can also create accounts and track their book list and reading lists.

2. Text Grabber

One of the most infuriating experiences a student can go through is printing out their essay only to find out there are some errors, so they need to type the parts they forgot again, only to have the document become corrupted. To bypass having to type up the information all over again, try TextGrabber, a phone application that takes a photo of the printed information and copies and pastes it into Word. This software also offers assistance in making easy-to-edit digital texts of texts that you might want to read or refer to in another piece. As such, it can interpret the captured words in any of many languages.

1. EasyBib

Citing references and writing reports takes a lot of time because of things like commas and colons. EasyBib allows you to create a number of books in just a few clicks. Type the title of the book and you’re done. With this app, you will save hours in school or university, and it’s free.


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