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top 10 facebook group must follow

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What are the top 10 Facebook Group everyone should follow? Here are my recommendations of the most fun, productive and helpful Facebook Group everyone should follow. These are the top 10 Facebook Groups everyone should join and participate in.

This group is linked to a network of pages and businesses under the name On a budget TV that provide budget tricks in all kinds of niches and topics of interest, from gardening to fashion, make-up, decoration, parenting, etc. and have a total of over 3 million members. The group is private but members are accepted automatically when they answer the membership questions.

Beyond sharing engaging content that gets members (and page followers) interested and interacting and being linked to a publication, the group also connects with brands in their niche which they call supporters and who post within the group and advertise, presumably at a cost. You can see them in the Announcements section.

This popular electric cooker brand uses its Group to create a space where the international community of Instant Pot users can ask questions, post unique recipes, and share the joy of cooking with their products.

They also offer limited trouble-shooting in the case that any customers experience any issues or have product-specific questions. They rarely ever promote their products within the Group, outside of the occasional giveaway where members can enter to win prizes to use with their Instant Pot.

Canva Design Circle is where members can learn how to take advantage of the product and its many features and functions through their Design School. Within the Group, Canva users are notified of the most recent product updates and tips and can discuss any topic related to design.

Canva encourages new members of the Group to introduce themselves upon entry. This fosters a sense of community, trust, and belonging the moment one enters. That warm welcome leads to more introductions among other members in the Group and conversations about design work, projects, jobs, challenges, etc.

Tasty Facebook Group Members share recipes, ideas for substitutes, and cooking tips. The group drives engagement by encouraging members to share their recipes in order to stand a chance of having that recipe featured on their website. They also run polls related to cooking and baking based on trends, season, holidays, and more.

By creating these competitions, incentives, and group activities, the company drives engagement on the page — they encourage members to interact and connect with one another which fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among Tasty fans.

This group with a large Indian following is focused on funny memes and jokes, usually including an image. The group is private but you will get approved almost immediately.

While largely unmoderated, the description of the group includes a long list of banned types of posts but there is still a lot of spam that gets through, probably because the admin and moderator group is relatively small.

Created in 2015, this is the largest maths group on Facebook and because it’s public you can see the type of content shared in it. Spoiler alert, the majority of the content is made of what appears as simple calculations.

From fundraising mistakes to building a board of directors, you will find your answers on The Startup Chat. The group, which was started by two successful entrepreneurs, provides information that is valuable and actionable. Also, they post often and have a genuine nature.

Aaron Krall’s SaaS Growth Hacks is a fantastic resource for those working in the SaaS ecosystem. Mostly frequented by founders, the group is happy to supply answers to any questions related to SaaS. It has a strong community feel and is a go-to forum for actionable advice related to running and growing a SaaS business.

A fun group filled with cuteness overload and lots of posts about the sport of dogspotting, which the group has trademarked.

The idea of the group is to guess the breed of a dog based on a random photo posted by a member. You can’t post about a dog you know (obviously) and members are supposed to score each other.

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