Top 10 Destructive Habits to Avoid in Your 20s

top 10 destructive habit to avoid in 20's

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In your 20s, you’re just starting to see what life has to offer outside of your comfort zone, and chances are you’ll try some new experiences that you hadn’t anticipated before. However, not all of these experiences will be positive ones—in fact, many of them may be downright destructive habits that can have a major impact on your happiness, health, and wellbeing if left unchecked. To avoid falling into such patterns, pay attention to the following 10 destructive habits that people in their 20s often fall into…

1. Drugs

These are out of the question.

Many people are familiar with the devastating effects of drugs (including alcohol).

Contrary to the stereotype that most people who are 20-something don’t use them, many still do.

To some people, a one-way ticket to hell is appealing.

You’re harming your finances, your career, and the welfare of your family and other people you know, including the employees of your company.

Drugs are used for two purposes

In order to feel joy

Painfully, to escape pain

They don’t seem to comprehend that while pain can be momentarily lengthy, it’s never permanent and happiness, which can be brief, is temporary.

If you don’t need drugs to be happy, you are very lucky.

That isn’t the only type of drug I am talking about.

In particular, sugar

It offers solace

His usual sluggish demeanor

I’ll bet you didn’t think that was heroin, did you?

Anything that grabs your attention and drains your energy is bad for you, and if it becomes a habit, it will be detrimental.

Would you know which drugs are worth your consideration?

When I work out and when I have financial freedom.

2. Overspending/Bad Debt

Consider investing in your financial future.

Don’t let it go to waste.

You who enroll at university and get student loans, those who will enter your 20s and enroll in University.

You’re about to see $1000s flow into your bank account.

Over and above this, you are exposed to credit cards with very high interest rates with lenders who want to hunt you like a shark.

You have a very good chance of becoming a slave to debt.

Yet that’s not all!

Every other person in your financial situation would like to buy a new car.

For forty-eight monthly payments, you could say to yourself

I am able to afford that!

It goes even further than that.

You want to be seen as wealthy, so you will have to have the latest Gucci designer clothes.

But you still need to go out every day to maintain the image.

To what end, then?

It feels like you’re drowning in a sea of debt and there’s no lifeguard to save you.

Reality is that this happens to most people in their 20s and remains with them into their later years.

Stuff this in your head

I want to be wealthy, not just appear wealthy.

While others are wasting their money trying to appear more intelligent than they are.

In order to truly change and become free, you must exercise discipline and commit to methods that help you do so.

Remember not to overspend.

3. Neglecting Health

Considering your age, you may think you can abuse your body and get away with it.

Though the damage won’t be immediately apparent, you will notice it eventually.

But when you reach your thirties, forties, or fifties?

You have encountered a situation that needs immediate attention.

It’s not the habits themselves, but rather the frame of mind that they create that makes the difference.

Not looking after your own body will result in being careless in other areas of your life, too (with money, or with your social relationships).

Remember, nobody respects the lazy, out of shape person.

4. Watching The News

It might be challenging to describe, but think of poison as mass media.

Lots of people are depressed and unhappy. Do you wonder why?

It’s because their minds are polluted with inaccurate information, baseless fear, and misdirection from media outlets like Fox and CNBC.

There’s nothing to be missed.

There is no need to keep up on information that pollutes your mind.

That’s like trying to lose weight by eating McDonald’s.

I just don’t understand it.

Though you are here, be sure not to take part in any local politics. It is much the same as taking part in the News–they are the heads of the same beast.

Spend your time with friends, reading books, and listening to podcasts.

5. Procrastination

The moment is now for working.

Actually, we’re not lazy.

If you’re too lazy now with youth and energy, when will you be motivated to do something meaningful?

If you’re in your 40s?

When you get to that point, you have to take care of responsibilities and children.

Have you been putting off an idea for a business venture? Consider acting on it now.

Want to invest your money? The time is now.

What are you waiting for? Make the decision now to get in shape.

If you want to increase your income on the side, consider investing your time and money into learning a new skill.

Whatever you do, as you age it becomes harder to do. Do as much as you can now.

Let me also mention this.

Your friends, family, associates, colleagues, etc. will say

You have enough time.

You don’t need this, and people only say that because they regret spending their own time on it.

Pay no attention to their insecurities and get to work.

6. Relying on Others

Over the course of a person’s childhood and teen years, parents and other caretakers provide for that person.

These robots are more efficient than anything you’ve ever seen. They can pay your bills, do your laundry, and solve your problems.

However, you are not a child anymore.

You have officially crossed into adulthood. Make responsible decisions from now on.

I’ve still seen people in their 30s relying on their parents to feed them, either physically or figuratively.

When even making their bed is an onerous task, something is amiss.

You’re an adult now — no more child-like behavior!

In other words, pretend to be one.

Of course, you’re young.

On the other hand, there’s no downside to assuming adult responsibilities – they’re a part of life you need to get accustomed to.

When it comes to life advice, the best I’ve heard is that.

“No one is coming to save you”

Superheroes can’t always come save you, just like what happened in the ending of your favorite Disney movie.

Put your all into it.

Take steps to repair the problem.

Possess the necessary qualities.

7. Neglecting Education

As you go through your 20s, you’ve had a lot of time to get educated.

In the case that you are attending university, you have more years of higher education to complete.

The days feel like they’re just sitting around, instead of actually studying.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

It’s all due to the failings of the modern ‘education’ system.

  1. Read 
  2. Listen to the teacher.
  3. Memorize.
  4. Put on the exam paper.
  5. Do it again.

This is not an education.

Real education, the kind you should be doing, is the one in which you pick a topic that fascinates you and focus on it in depth; share your knowledge with someone close to you like your colleague/friend.

Memorizing isn’t your goal – the goal is to memorize and be able to teach it to others.

Our inability to stop climate change is not a lack of resources on our part.

It costs nothing to access YouTube.

There is no cost to take the course.

In fact, most libraries are free.

8. Making Comparisons

In your 20s, you are in the process of building your value.

You’re never too old to compare yourself to your contemporaries, no matter how old they are.

They have ten times as much experience as you do.

Comparing your Day 1 to their Day 10000 does not lead to anything positive, it’s just frustrating.

The stories of these youth are circulated by Instagram and Twitter to the point where we have come to believe that a sixteen-year-old making a hundred thousand dollars per month is normal and an eighteen-year-old selling cryptocurrencies for $30 million is a respectable achievement.

It is with great joy that I congratulate them, but I encourage you to stop comparing yourself to them.

If you are in the market for some inspiration, here you go.

I refuse to be ever-so-easily demotivated or envious of other people.

Compare yourself only to who you were last year.

Do you feel that you are becoming more wealthy, healthier, wiser, and smarter?

Very good.

Keep up the effort.

9. Enjoying Bad Friendships

If you’re reading this article, I know you have a level head.

It seems like you’re looking to grow and mature, and I have a lot of respect for that.

In order to figure out if your friends will support you, you need to ask yourself whether they are also willing to put in the effort.

Have you ever shared this article with them before and they ignored it?

Should they take my advice and use it to make positive changes in their lives?

You don’t have to throw away your friends, but observe their reactions when you mention your journey.

Don’t they feel like those crabs at the bottom of the bucket dragging you down?

Let’s hope you don’t get better, since they’re too lazy to do the same? If that’s the case, go on without them.

Surround yourself with people who will travel this beautiful journey with you.

10. Staying Comfortable

This problem plagues many.

Staying within your comfort zone means you are unable to grow.

Try something you’ve never done before.

I have said that it is important to avoid all of the items on the list above because all of those are things which pull you out of your comfort zone.

Taking care of your financial responsibilities

Surrounding oneself with only positive people

Providing yourself with an education

Maintaining your productivity

Developing your well-being.

Doing all of this has never been comfortable for most people, and by 2022, it’s not normal if you’re taking these steps.

You don’t have to go very far at all to find what you need.

But if you totally wreck yourself, on a financial, physical, and mental level — you’ll be admired.

Now, these are some ways to challenge yourself

If you have a job and better opportunities show up in another company.

If you get the chance to meet important people and connect with them.

To immerse yourself in another culture, move to another country.

It’s better to do something, because once you’re on your deathbed, you may regret not doing so.


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