Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

top 10 company owned by tata

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Tata Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, India, was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868. It was the first Indian company to foray into the textile industry and has remained one of the top companies in India for over a century and a half now. The group owns more than 100 operating companies in seven business sectors: Engineering, Consumer products and services, Information Technology, Materials, Services, Energy and Financial Services. It also has major interests in logistics, hospitality and renewable energy. Tata Group employs over 660,000 people across 100 countries. Here are some of the top 10 companies owned by Tata Group.

1. Tata Consultancy service

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

For fifty years, TCS has partnered with the world’s largest companies as they engage in large-scale transitions.

TCS provides an enterprise suite of consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions. It is owned by Tata, the largest of all their subsidiaries.

Revenues of Rs 152,497 Crores

As of this day, market cap stands at Rs 769,764 Cr.

We employ 5,28,748 employees.

India’s largest multinational business group, TCS is part of the Tata Group. It has more than 420,000 employees across 50 countries, making it the world’s most experienced consultancy. It’s also the largest company within the Tata Group based on market capitalization.

The company generates revenues of $20 billion per year and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, formerly the Bombay Stock Exchange, and the National Stock Exchange in India. The company’s market capitalization is Rs 8,10,000 Crores.

2. Tata Steel Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

As Asia’s first private steel company, Tata Steel was founded in 1907 with a capacity of nearly 19 MTPA across Indian operations. Tata Steel is one of the largest steel producers in Europe with a capacity of more than 12.1 MnTPA.

Rs 1,60,769 Cr. in revenue.

Rs 39,939 crore market cap

Number of employees: 32,984

34 MnTPA total capacity.

During the years 18-19, the Tata Steel group acquired Bhushan Steel Limited, and Usha Martin Limited was acquired by Tata Steel through one of its subsidiaries. At its manufacturing facilities in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, and Kalinganagar, Odisha, Tata Steel produces 10 million tons of steel per annum and 3 million tons of steel per annum, respectively.

A 5 MnTPA expansion project at Kalinganagar was initiated in the current financial year to raise the company’s cumulative capacity to 8 MnTPA. It is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited.

3. Tata Motors Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Tata Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. This automaker provides mobility solutions to 175 countries. The company’s vehicle line includes a wide range of cars, utility vehicles, trucks, and buses. Tata Motors Ltd. is the second-largest company owned by Tata.

Turnover: Rs 296,917 Cr

A market cap of Rs. 41,562 Crores.

A massive amount of 82,797 employees work here.

38.37% of promoter spots are currently vacant.

The Company’s holdings comprise 134 subsidiaries, associate companies, and joint ventures around the world, including Jaguar Land Rover in the UK and Tata Daewoo in South Korea. Tata Motors is the company’s largest subsidiary by turnover.

TML’s full range of products range from sub-one-tonne to 49-tonne GVW trucks, small, medium, and large buses and coaches and passenger vehicles. TML is also one of the Tata sons subsidiaries.

Shares in Tata Motors

Car travelers: 6.3%

Forty-five point one percent of Commercial Vehicles.

Tamil Nadu Auto (TML) is the leader in India’s commercial vehicle market with a 45.1% market share, earning sales of 4,68,788 vehicles in FY 2018-19. It won market share in the MHCV, ILCV, and SCV segments, its market share in the PV segment increasing by 60bps to 6.3% in FY 2018-19.

4. Titan Company Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Established in 1984 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), Titan began operating in 1984 under the name Titan Watches Limited.

Net sales are at Rs 19,070 Cr.

With a total worth of Rs 118,027 crore, the market capitalization is substantial.

Total employees: 7,213

Titan is the fifth largest watchmaker in the world and is aggressively expanding into underpenetrated markets, creating new lifestyle brands across product categories.

Titan Company is widely credited with transforming the watch and jewelry industry in India and pioneering experiential retail, paving the way for what would eventually become India’s retail powerhouse, the Tata Group.

5. Tata Chemicals Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Tata Chemicals, established in 1939, is part of the US$ 110 billion Tata Group. It serves customers across 40+ countries on five continents. As of March 31, 2019, the market capitalization of XYZ was at Rs 15,000 crores.

There was an amount of 11,449 Cr spent on revenues.

Current Market Value: Rs 15,603 Cr.

It was reported that a promoter was holding around 30.63%.

Tata Chemicals is one of the Tata group’s subsidiaries and ranks 3rd for Soda Ash and 6th for Sodium Bicarbonate production.

Of the revenue generated by TCL, 47% comes from India, and 53% comes from various other countries.

6. The Tata Power Company Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Tata Power’s business across the entire power value chain of conventional and renewable energy, together with next-generation customer solutions has a nationwide presence, with an operational capacity of 10,957 MW. It is one of the world’s largest power companies, owned by the Indian Tata.

Tata Power currently has the strongest portfolio of solar power projects, with 1388 MW of generation capacity. Just last month, it commissioned a 100 MW solar plant in Andhra Pradesh. In addition, they’ve been allotted 150 MW in Pavagada, Karnataka, 30 MW in Palaswadi, Maharashtra, and 25 MW in Charanka, Gujarat.

The grand total for the whole thing was Rs 30,022.

Company Employees: 1,989

A Capacity of 10,957 MW.

Marketable Share: 3.2%

Tata Power currently owns an installed capacity of 1161 MW and they have plants in seven different states of India: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. They lead the country in promoting wind power generation.

7. The Indian Hotels Company Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

A true Indian brand, IHCL is the largest hospitality focused enterprise with Indian origins in South Asia. With a 115 year plus legacy among consumers and businesses, it was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1902.

In 1903, the company opened its first hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace, in Bombay (now Mumbai). Tata Group’s Indian Hotels is also a subsidiary.

Revenue: Rs 4,552 crore.

Rs 17,952 crores in market capitalization.

39.09 % of the shares are held by the promoter

IHCL and its subsidiaries offer a fusion of Indian hospitality and world-class service through a group of brands and businesses.

They include Taj- the hallmark of iconic hospitality, SeleQtions with its curated and eclectic experiences, and Vivanta with its collection of sophisticated upscale hotels, as well as Ginger, which is revolutionizing the lean luxury segment.

8. Tata Global Beverages Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Tata Global Beverages produces branded natural beverages such as tea, coffee, and water. Company has a long history and experience in the beverage market and a heritage of innovation and development. The company evolved from a predominantly domestic tea farming entity into a marketing and brand-focused global company.

Rs 7,346 crore in revenue

17 627 crores in market cap.

Holding of the promoter: 34.45%

TGB offers a strong portfolio of branded tea products, including Tata Tea, Tetley, Jemča, Vitax, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Himalayan, Grand Coffee, and Joekels.

Over the last decade, the organization has diversified and expanded significantly. It now employs 3,000 plus people worldwide, with a significant brand presence in 40 countries.

9. Tata Communications Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

Tata Communications operates at a pivotal point in the evolution of human activity – what has been termed the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Found in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, Tata Communications serves more than 7,000 customers that are over 300 of the Fortune 500.

This company has its headquarters listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India with a market capitalization of USD 2.72 billion. It is owned by the Tata Group.

10. Voltas Limited

MyTopTen - Top 10 Companies Owned by Tata

India’s largest air conditioning company, Voltas is also the most reputed engineering solution provider specializing in project management. The company is the largest AC manufacturer in India under the Tata Group.

Six decades ago, when the Swiss-based Volkart Brothers joined hands with Tata Sons Limited to create Voltas, they knew that innovation could change the world. And today, Voltas continues to work at the forefront of re-engineering the future through innovation and intelligent engineering.

Revenues of Rs 7,630 Crores

The total Market Cap is 23,131 crore.

The promoter currently holds 30.30% of shares.

Voltas has been crucial in establishing and exporting engineering and technical expertise in many of the nation’s areas of interest, which have made them a trusted, reliable and prolific engineering solution provider. Voltas is the largest privately owned air conditioning company in India, founded by Tata.


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