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A business you can start without any money whatsoever? That sounds too good to be true! Actually, there are plenty of small businesses that you can start without having to invest in any physical equipment or take out a loan of any kind. Not only that, but some of these business ideas don’t even require you to leave your home! We’ve compiled a list of 10 great businesses that require no startup capital and can be started from the comfort of your living room couch. 

Check out our top 10 small business ideas that you can start today and get started on your way to financial freedom!

1. Start your own Blog

Starting a business for free is much more realistic than you might think, as many startup costs can be deferred or cut entirely. One great way to start a business for free is to set up a blog and monetize it with ads from Google AdSense. 

There are some restrictions on what you can write about, but if you’re good at something (or love talking about something), chances are there’s an audience out there that will want to read your thoughts online! If you have an idea of where your interests lie and aren’t sure what type of monetization would work best for your target audience, try doing research using Google Trends or Alexa data.

2. Offer online courses

It’s true that you can start a business without spending any money. To get started, you can use your talents and skills to create an online course that teaches other people how to do what you do. Not only is it possible to create a profitable online course, but it’s also quite simple once you know how to go about doing it! 

3. Become an online reseller

There are thousands of items you can sell on eBay, Etsy and Amazon, including everything from furniture to electronics to jewelry. In fact, these three platforms alone accounted for almost two-thirds of all small businesses in 2017. To start a business as an online reseller, sign up for one of these marketplaces—or browse them for products you already have around your house—and then start listing what you’re selling. Be sure to list products in a variety of categories so you can expand your reach.

4. Offer consulting services

If you have a skill that’s in demand, consider offering consulting services. Maybe you’re an expert in fertility issues and can guide people going through problems getting pregnant to get a baby; maybe you’re a marketing guru with lots of connections and can help startups find customers faster. These are just two possibilities—your imagination is your limit. Remember: These types of businesses aren’t without their pitfalls, so do your homework first before trying anything out.

5. Become a translator

Translation work—both from home and in-person at businesses—can be a great way to make money while traveling. In fact, you don’t even need any business experience to get started. Sites like Freelancer and Upwork provide an easy way to market your skills and win freelance gigs, whether or not you’ve ever sold yourself online before.

6. Logo and image design

Many small businesses never even get off of their feet because they don’t have a professional logo and other related graphics. A custom logo will help you create a visual identity that gives potential customers an idea of what your business is about without them even seeing it in action or talking to you directly. 

Don’t forget to make sure that it’s something that’s going to look good on all your future marketing materials too! Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a graphic designer, make sure that anyone who sees your logo immediately understands what you do, who you’re trying to reach, and why they should care. 

In addition, when starting up on any new venture be prepared for possible issues like how will we advertise our business? Who can help? Do we need permission from anyone?

7. Drop shipping

People are always interested in starting a side business to make some extra cash. However, many beginners get discouraged because they think they need large investments to start. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to be wealthy in order to start your own business. If you have some free time and an entrepreneurial spirit, there are plenty of great business ideas you can jump into with little more than an internet connection. 

One great place to look for top-notch business ideas is online drop shipping marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. In fact, there are so many products available on these sites that even established companies have trouble keeping up with demand!

8. Write product reviews

Another way to market your product is to write a review of it. Anyone who’s ever read or watched any sort of media knows that positive reviews are better for sales than negative ones, so why not make money from writing positive reviews? Whether you agree with something or not, simply create an account on whatever site(s) you plan to use and get started. It should be mentioned, however, that there are sites that will pay you for negative reviews (yes – those do exist), but we wouldn’t recommend them.

9. Programming

Learning how to code is hot right now, but it’s not easy. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to really get good at coding. But if you want to be able to work with websites and develop your own apps, then taking classes or learning online is essential. If you have no programming experience, consider beginning with HTML. It’s one of the easier computer languages to learn, and there are tons of free resources available online.

10. Pet services

If you love animals, starting a pet-service business might be a good option for you. From walking and feeding to grooming and training, there are plenty of ways to make money from your love of pets. Sites like Wag! list thousands of companies hiring home-based workers for a variety of pet services. Or check out local listings or online marketplaces to see if any similar businesses are already operating in your area.


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