Indian Education System Changed after 34 years

Indian Education System Changed after 34 years

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          It’s been 34 years when the Indian Education System had changed. Now, after 1986 revolutionary decision has taken to change the Indian Education System which is called NEP 2020.

According to NEP 2020, Indian Government will invest 6% of GDP in Education.

Till now the system of 10 + 2 was running in India, but after the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, new structure i.e 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 will apply.

The biggest problem of the Indian Education System is that after 10th class our system trying to fit the student into 3 category

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts/Humanities

Now the education system of India will not only be on Science, Commerce, Arts as before, now you can study Arts while studying science and you can also Physics, Chemistry, Biology or something else as per your interest while studying commerce .

Sound Interesting na !!!! 

Let understand 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 Structure,

As per NEP 2020, from now onwards this is divided into 4 stages:

  1. Foundation Stage (5)
  2. Preparatory Stage (3)
  3. Middle Stage (3)
  4. Secondary Stage (4)
Lets more Dig deep into it.

Foundation Stage

  • Age : 3-8 years of students
  • This Stage split into two :- 3 years of Pre-schooling + 2 years of 1st & 2nd class.
This stage consists of Play activity based on learning.
It will also focus on good behavior, personal and public hygiene/cleanliness, teamwork, and co-operation learning exercises of a student. 

Preparatory Stage

  • Age : 8-11 years of students
  • This stage will cover the 3rd to 5th class.
This stage will transform from play-based learning to interactive classroom learning. 
This will emphasis reading, writing, speaking, physical education, arts, language, mathematics, science, etc.

Middle Stage

  • Age : 11-14 years of students.
  • This stage will cover the 6th to 8th class.

In this more new concept will be introduced in the subject like science, mathematics, arts, social sciences, and humanities.

India finally decide to add Computer Programming in this Stage.

Secondary Stage

  • Age : 14-18 year of students
  • This stage also consists of 2 sub-stages :  1st the 9th & 10th class + 2nd 11th & 12th class.

This stage will comprise of four years of multidisciplinary study, with greater depth, greater critical thinking, greater attention to life aspirations, and greater flexibility and student choice. 

The High School Stage may also allow exposure to more subjects and enable greater flexibility.

Priority to others Language

Up to the 5th class, children will be taught in their native language or the local language in the regional language, now no one will be forced to learn English forcefully.

Sanskrit language also offered to teach at level of education.

Also planning to add some Foreign language such as French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Portuguese.

Vocational Training

Vocational training will also be given from 6 to 8. In the meantime, 10 days will be Bag-less, in which Carpenter,  Gardener will be called to train the student.

Examination Redesign

Till now, the examination that took place in India used to see the mettle of our memory. Now it will be changed, now the emphasis will be on understanding more than remembering.

Bachelor Degree Program 

Multiple Entry-Exit Program has been introduced after 12th standard, under this program you can credit one of your degree credits to your final degree.

Like if you do engineering and after 1 year you feel that you want to do CA. Then your 1 year engineering degree will be added to the final degree of CA.

If you do 4-year course and drop out after the 1st year, then you will get a certificate.

If you dropout after 2 years, you will get a diploma and after completing 3 years, you will get a graduate degree. If you do 4 years, then you will get the degree of Research and Bachelor’s.

Master Degree Program

MA and MSc courses will be one year now, if you have done 4 years degree course then it will take 1 year if you have done your 3 years degree course then it will take 2 years

Report Card

Till now report card was prepared by teachers on the basis of Marks.

But now reports card will be prepared on the basis of marks, behavior also includes self-assessment. where a student can assess themselves.

Final Note

From this everything looks good but now has to see how much the private school can implement as well the government school.
Somewhere I feel Jealous but glad to see such a big revolution in Indian Education System.
I would love to see, your reaction what you think about this System. please share your words in the comment section. 
If you invested your time to read all this and find knowledgeable content then, please share.

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