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                  Sometimes we need something where an Excel sheet is given. In which many people have names and mobile numbers, then it may be of employees, students or someone else’s related Excel Sheet. 

                        If we have to save all that name in our mobile phone, then we can save it by typing and saving each number as well. But if 50 or if 100 or 500 name is to be saved, then it will take a whole day. So you can do this work very easily in a few minutes.

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Follow the Steps :-

Step 1 : First of all, click on this link in your computer and log in with your Gmail-Id.

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Step 2 : Click on Create Contact, in which you will get two options, click on Create a contact in it.

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Step 3 : For Demo, save any name and number from your mind.

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Step 4 : Now click on Export, you will get two options. First Export Contacts Click on the contact in it and select the second CSV in it and export it.

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Step 5 : Now a file named contacts.csv has been created in your computer. Open that file.

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Step 6 : Now all your names which are in your Excel Sheet. Copy and paste it in the first column (Name) of this file contacts.csv, similarly, copy and paste the mobile number in the last column (Phone 1-Value). Make sure the name and number match each other.

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Step 7 : Now you can save this file by any name, but keep in mind that this file has to be saved in .csv format only.


Step 8 : Now open your link again, click on Import below on the left side, and select the file that you had created, click on the Open button and click on Import.

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Step 9 : Cheers !!!!!, Congratulations all the contacts of your Excel sheet have come to your mobile.

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I hope you must be successfully import all you contact in your contact list. Then Don’t feel shy to share.

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