How to secure Facebook Account ?

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             Mark my word our parents will the last generation who might doesn’t have Facebook account. But they must have been heard or aware about social media app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram from their children’s. 

        Still few elder’s people anyhow use Facebook. But they doesn’t care about their privacy rather I would say they doesn’t know about all this stuff about data, privacy & all. 

         Now forget about elders, lets talk about younger one many of you might be using Facebook in you daily life. you must know about data & Privacy.

Your data is a treasure for others.

Hey Hey Hey Heyyyyyyyy

Now don’t feel yourself Ambani & Tata   😂😂😂

Then you also know about Hacking. 

Now days younger generation use multiple social media account.

so they have same ID & Password at everywhere Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn, etc.

If someone knows you Gmail credential then i don’t need to say any further thing what’s going to happen next.

Your Next Phrase going to be like “WTF”, “Oh Shit”, “Jesus Christ”, “what the hell”,etc.

Indians be like “Are baap re”, ” Ye kisne kiya”, etc.

But fear of forgetting password you keep the same password everywhere.

Then make sure you do all this thing I have written.

What if I tell you “Even if someone know you Id & password yet they cannot do anything.” Put your reaction in the comment section.

Tips to Secure Facebook Account

  • 2 Step Verification
  • Unrecognized login Notification

2 Step Verification

2 Step Verification is the best way to secure your any account not only Facebook. 

If you’re trying to login your account. your Id & Password is correct then Facebook send 6 digit code to your mobile no. for authentication.

1. Login to your Facebook account. then go to your Settings > Privacy Shortcuts > Use two-factor authentication

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       2. Select Text Message (SMS) option. 

Then select your mobile number or add your primary number in which you will get 6 digit code.  


       3. Now you will be get 6 digit code on your provided mobile no. enter that & press continue button. 


Now your account is secured from unknown. 

But even if someone login in your account without your permission then facebook will inform you from Email, Messenger & Notification section.

Let’s see how to do that.

Unrecognized Logins Notification

        1. Login your Account then go to settings > Privacy Shortcuts > Get alerts about unrecognized Logins.


       2. Now open each one option & select Get notifications.


       3. Provide your email Id to get notifications. 

       4. If everything gets On then Congratulate yourself.


Note: Never tell your salary & social media credentials to anyone. 😂😂😂

If anyhow you find this article helpful to you then don’t shy or hesitate to express yourself in comment section.

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